The Cove and Gellatly Nut Farm Wedding

To capture this striking couple’s nuptials, Memorable and Vibrant Okanagan Photography shot on-location at both The Cove and Gellatly Nut Farm.

Rustic outbuildings strike a gentle contrast to this bride and groom’s clean and sophisticated style. The surrounding nut trees filter the sunlight, creating an auric glow of enchantment and bliss. The natural demeanour of smitten contentment eagerly demonstrated by these adept models of love inspired our work as Kelowna Photographers. White flowers, muted teal bridesmaid dresses and green scenery are woven together as a tapestry of hues just ornate enough to not overwhelm the porcelain skin of this gorgeous bride. The mood feels both romantic and demure; intricate beadwork crowns the soft gather and light sheer fabric draping of our bride’s gown.

Family and friends looked on calmly as vows were exchanged during this peaceful ceremony. Even from the still photos, one can sense the intimacy of deep connections amongst the guests. The serene vibes carry on to the reception, where a classic white layer cake stands waiting to be sliced and shared, showcasing a simple but impactful smattering of white and blue floral embellishments.

Shooting a picture-perfect wedding such as this makes our job such a pleasure, and in gratitude we wish you endless blessings of love in the continuation of your journey together. 

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