Belgo Chapel Kelowna Yacht Club Wedding

The beauty level was off the charts at this charming wedding in the Belgo Chapel found in Kelowna, BC. With the sun shining, Datura, Lavender, and Fireweed in full bloom, an angelic newborn baby girl sleeping soundly, the gentle sway of a lace gown, flowing silks, and apple trees heavy with ripening fruit – quite a picturesque setting! Kelowna wedding photographers couldn’t have asked for better lighting or sweet subjects to fill their viewfinder with.

Following the ceremony, the party migrated to the Kelowna Yacht Club downtown on the lake shore. Guests gathered together to watch the sun set from the patio while sipping on cocktails. The reception’s aesthetic mirrored the natural hues of dusk: the wedding party’s purples, tiny violet daisies securing the drapery on chairs, blue lights twinkling and strung up around the room, and a luscious layering of royal blue, lavender, and periwinkle icing rosettes on the cakes.

Our team at Memorable and Vibrant Okanagan Photography was inspired by the genuine love vibes swirling all throughout the day and night. Every frame featured someone smiling, hugging, or kissing. It was such a magical occasion to be a part of, and we’re so grateful we could share in the revelry!

All the best to you, newlyweds. We’re wishing you years of health, happiness and incredible adventure as you find yourselves falling more deeply into a state of love every day. Cheers to the bride and groom!