Spring Belgo Chapel and Laurel Packinghouse Okanagan Wedding

Ah, you can almost taste the sweet smell of Spring swirling with love in the air. This beautiful day captured by Memorable and Vibrant Okanagan Photography took us to the charming Belgo Chapel in Kelowna, BC. Surrounded by blossoming orchard trees and gardens, this open aired venue kept the vibe light while our couple exchanged vows.

They kept their aesthetic classically clean, dressing the wedding party in neutral greys, and of course – a whimisical white lace gown for the bride. This allowed for an incredible POP of colour to come from the floral bouquets with their coral, fuschia, mango and burgundy petals, including a few blossoms placed atop the bride’s romantically side-swept chignon.

With their hands entwined like the vines climbing the arbor above them, our newlywed Mr. and Mrs. were completely engrossed in each other’s gaze throughout the airy outdoor ceremony. What a perfect time of year for a garden wedding; the flowers were fresh and the greenery lush all around them as friends and family rejoiced in their union.

After the formalities, the guests were welcomed for festivities back at the historic Laurel Packinghouse, part of Kelowna Museums Society in Downtown Kelowna’s Cultural District. As Kelowna’s first designated heritage building, the structure itself was first built in 1917, and events held here often bring a warmth and camaraderie embodied by the century of time this space has witnessed. This wedding was no different; the entire party was beaming, soaking in the love emanating from our newly-wedded couple. Wood beams and red bricks (originally of clay from neighbouring Knox Mountain) offered a rustic setting in which to string low-watt bulb strands and rows of tea lights. Tables with folding chairs filled a good portion of the space, while still allowing ample room for dancing on the packinghouse’s revitalized original hardwood floor.

All in all, we were honoured as Kelowna photographers to contribute our skills to creating beautiful memories, not only amongst a great group of humans, but within such a timelessly inviting space. Cheers to the bride and groom! We wish you an infinitude of bliss together on this path you have chosen.