Bertram Creek Park Autumn Kelowna Wedding

Amongst the crisp Autumn foliage in Kelowna’s Bertram Creek Park, Kelowna-based Okanagan Photography captures this strikingly colourful yet minimalist wedding with joy.

A simple line of fallen leaves marks the aisle on either side of the guests’ chairs. On the banister, a small floral garland with burlap gives a dash of colour. Nothing more than two beautiful pots of Chrysanthemums are needed to create an altar space for these lovebirds; the view and surroundings are breathtaking enough. Our couple has such a deep appreciation for the concept of “less is more” while putting their own creative twist on their approach to Autumn wedding decor.

Outdoor venues can bring a lot of uncertainty, mainly due to exposure. Guessing how the weather will (or will not) behave is always a favourite. The scattered clouds and bouts of sunshine feel enchanting, thus creating an ideal light setting for beautiful and romantic photos with a hint of drama. Following the ceremony, we follow our couple through the surrounding trees. Walks with the bride and groom gave us a fleeting opportunity to memorialize the quiet adoration and intimacy floating between these two beautiful humans. We could really feel their love buzzing, alive with its own pulse.

Group shots of the wedding party and family on the beach provided yet another sunny vantage point. The deep jewel tones of the dresses matched with fall-themed flower bouquets. There were yellow Lilies, crimson Gerbera Daisies, indigo Zinnias and coral Roses. Sandy beaches and wooden boardwalks hint at the enduring final weeks of summer that Kelowna is famous for.

Our gratitude goes out to our bride and groom for inviting us to be present for their wedding. We loved sharing your day with you, and wish you all the best in the future!