Sparkling Harvest Golf Club Wedding

Shiny, happy newlyweds Tony and Marlee were absolutely ravishing together at their Sparkling Harvest Golf Club Wedding; bridal look by Jenna Jones Beauty , and it’s fly. This perfect day was brought to you by twinkling and tufted textures of tulle, rhinestones, and purple puffed flowers. Our Bride and Groom fit together perfectly with their classically elegant style, sparkling with the golden glow of joy surrounding them both throughout the day and night.

The Harvest Golf Club gardens invited romantic strolls across the red painted bridge, but not without a pause for intimacy mid-way. Cloudy skies and a cool, dark pond provided excellent contrast to the pops of colour brimming forth from the flower beds. A promise of forever symbolized by softened mountains rolling endlessly into the distance consummated the aesthetic as well.

The revelry to follow was a jovial celebration of kinship and closeness amongst everyone, as indicated by the hands held, the chair hoisting, and most of all, the knowing gazes exchanged by our newly-wedded couple.

Congratulations Tony and Marlee! Our team could not have asked for a sweeter couple to spend the day with. We’d love to spend the next one with you. Enjoy two talented photographers, a complimentary engagement session and 16×20 canvas print gift when you book a full day Gala wedding package with Memorable and Vibrant Okanagan Photography.