Rowena’s Inn on the River Coastal Wedding

To shoot this wedding at Rowena’s Inn on the River, Memorable and Vibrant Okanagan Photography packed up our gear and hit the beautiful BC coast.

We were awestruck at the majesty of this venue. The owners are descendants of the original settlers to the area, and have gone to great lengths to provide a unique and luxurious environment for special celebrations like this one. A dining table used by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, a bed previously owned by a famous opera singer, and even the main stair banister from the original Hotel Vancouver all contribute to the sense of collective history found in this manor house. Every room tells a story and the vibe here is serene and rich – setting the perfect backdrop for a day of love-centred festivities.

Inspired by the surrounding high-end decor, our couple exuded a sense of regal comfort as they posed and played together throughout the home and property. Ancient and magnificent trees carpeted in ferns at their roots brought the mood down to earth for some of our outdoor shots. The groomsmen were jovial in their displays of camaraderie, keeping things light leading up to the ceremonious exchanging of vows.

A happy marriage between Victorian traditional and rustic earthiness, the aesthetic of Rachel and Richard’s wedding reflected the couples’ personalities subtly and beautifully.

As Kelowna Photographers, we are so honoured to have been invited out to the Fraser Valley to capture this union. Our wish for our bride and groom is for all the happiness we witnessed that day to endure long into the future and beyond. Cheers to love!