True Love at The Cove Lakeside Resort Wedding

This short and sweet gallery follows the love story of our couple’s wedding day: from vows at the Lakeside to relaxing together at the bar. Along the way, they take every opportunity for tenderness, supporting each other with loving embraces and sneaking kisses.

The team at Memorable and Vibrant Okanagan Photography was stoked to travel to the West side of Lake Okanagan to capture love at this beautiful venue. The Cove Lakeside Resort offers stunning views of the water, surrounding mountains, and convenient proximity to the historic Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park .

We absolutely adored the varying shades of mint-y turquoise worn by the wedding party. The soft, cool hue was probably the most refreshing possible colour to help contrast the monochromatic landscape of the deep, dark water and grey, smoky skies and that have become more and more common for Summertime in the Valley. Our bride dazzled in strings of pearls, white lace, Babies’ Breath, and Roses, while her bridal party flaunted pops of pink Peonies in their bouquets wrapped in soft, teal ribbons. Landscaping of the venue itself provided little splashes of yellow from the planted sprays of Coneflowers, and an Okanagan staple – dusty purple Lavender.

By the end of the ceremony, our newlyweds were glowing in the warmth of each other’s love and newly-proclaimed faithfulness. Smiles abounded, as did the good vibes, making this wedding a treat for any Kelowna Wedding Photographer to attend and shoot.

We want to send our very best to the Bride and Groom; May you always seek to find the beauty in one another, and cherish this joy-filled day, for many years to come. Cheers!