Watermark Hotel Osoyoos Summer Wedding

Memorable and Vibrant Okanagan Photography had the pleasure of capturing the most beautiful memories at this Adorable Summer Wedding at the Watermark Hotel in Osoyoos.

When the chemistry between bride and groom is this electric, it doesn’t take much to create a stunning shot. Their love for each other is impossible to ignore, whether they gazed into each others’ eyes while in a sweet summer embrace, or over the shoulder of little ones in need of a snuggle. The endearing outfits of these dolled-up kiddos added an extra splash of cute to this marriage celebration.

Lace, satin, tulle, and glittering beads reflected the brightness of the ceremonial atmosphere. White Calla Lilies, pearls, and curls created a softening effect. The groom’s cool denim-blue suit was the perfect choice in the desert heat and further drove home the casually sophisticated style of the entire event.

We are so humbled to have been chosen by this gorgeous couple amongst the sea of Kelowna Wedding Photographers in this valley. The adoration between bride and groom, touching moments between family members and friends, and general sense of open-ness to love left us with much to reflect upon. If there’s anyone who deserves a lifetime of happiness, it’s these two lovebirds and their family. 

Cheers to your future – may your love retain the succulence of dewy Spring flowers after the rain, inspiring those around you to unfurl and open up to the ecstasy of true love.