Check out our latest fundraising event and art gallery coming this September to the Rotary Centre for the Arts. More information on ticket sales and donations here:

Fall Fundraiser Virtual Fashion Show and Art Gallery

With Men’s Voices, we make space to honour the strength and also the vulnerability of our men in each of their unique journeys.

The Men’s Voices book is a soul-driven photographic exploration of Men’s Voices, and the lived experience of  persevering in the face of adversity. For more on the origins of this project, and to purchase your copy of the book, head to the CMHA official page. We hope that like us, you too will be inspired to take action and support Men’s Voices in your community.

Telus Vancouver produced this series into a documentary “Into the Light” which you can watch here on our Facebook page.

Check out our latest community initiative, the Hope Card postcard series in support of Foundry Kelowna:

On January 18, 2018, we gathered to celebrate our men with a fashion show by Bia Boro Boutique Kelowna, catering by Beet and Boo’s Catering, Big Rock Brewery, Desert Hills Estate Winery, and headliner musician Windmills, in honour of the the official release of the Men’s Voices book in support of CMHA and Kelowna Foundry.