Beautiful Antique White Wedding by the Coastline

These adorable soulmates shared the most beautiful antique white wedding by the coastline. Sharing a similar humour and bright outlook on life; these two are clearly meant to be! Gorgeous bouquets, accented with pale pink, purple, and blue flowers adorned mason jars and antique tins. Everything about the venue matched the couples vision, with vintage and western touches portraying a romantic vibe.

The diamond floral pattern that embellished the brides beige cowboy boots was reminiscent of the lace-work that decorated her stunning dress. A bright, crisp, and cool morning, pale sunlight poured through the white window panes as the bride prepared for the day. This lended sweeps of natural light throughout the suite for a most memorable days-start at picturesque Fort Warden.

Mother of the Bride beamed from the living room, surrounded by distinguished wood features, in a stunning cream-coloured/pale pink dress with shimmering notes, anticipating the day. A most gorgeous beginning on the coastline as the bridal party prepared for the special event, watching the beautiful bride with admiration as she wrote her vows.

The wedding dress, a centrepiece for the main event, conveyed the white antique wedding in every regard. A proud and eager bride smiled into the mirror, in cascading lace, as she peered over her shoulder with ribbon straps hugging her forearms; surely thinking about the romance of the day. Loose curls kissed her shoulders as they wound down through her long hair; a perfect finishing touch beneath her veil.

Airy and elegant navy blue bridesmaids dresses complimented the fresh hoop bouquets of vine and bluebell. Falling simply from the golden rings,and wrapped with ribbon, this simple touch lent a romantic feel to the rustic touches of decor.

A groom dressed in grey waited steadily and anxiously for the bride as she made her grand entrance down the aisle of the dreamy church chapel. The gorgeous wood and pale yellow features of the structures interior illuminated the space with a sunny glow as the bride and groom exchanged their vows and performed a sand pouring ceremony as their loved ones witnessed from the church rows beyond.

An outdoor photo session following the “I do’s” added an aspect of “the great outdoors” to this special day. The groomsmen dressed in crisp white collared shirts and grey pants, along with the bridesmaids navy blue, popped out against the vibrant forest, and the petite white flowers that speckled the lush green chapel grounds.

Taking some of the first photos of the smiling bride and groom is always an absolute joy, and you can see from the faces of the wedding party and family just how thrilled this group was to see this lovely couple tie the knot!

The exterior of the old wooden church had a wonderful forest green trim, blending into the treeline beyond, as we captured the delighted faces of friends and family on the entrance steps. Afterwards, we headed over the the Taps Guardhouse for photos and had some more time to capture the exuberant bride and groom with their joyous companions.

The rustic pipe, worn wood, white pillars, and exposed brick made available of this venue site allowed us to further demonstrate the vision of the happy couple with a wide-range of antique backdrops; ranging from rustic to industrial, but always maintaining the perfect antique white wedding vibe that defined this special event. Truly a wonderous place for a wedding day.

A session with the newlywed bride and groom, overlooking the ocean, was a sheer delight. A cloudy and overcast sky was a blend of the brides bright white and the grooms grey, with pure light and energy shining from their faces on this momentous occasion. Some windy moments allowed us to capture some unique and special moments of the brides white dress flying in the wind as the couples hearts soared in these first moments of their lives together as husband and wife.

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