Enchanted Wedding Amidst Smokey Skies West KelownaKelowna and Okanagan Wedding Photographer Memorable and Vibrant Okanagan Photography

Enchanted Wedding Amidst Smokey Skies West Kelowna

In the midst of a smoky summer haze, our favourite wandering florist found their forever amidst the enchanting landscapes of The Cove Lakeside Resort in West Kelowna, British Columbia. A symphony of passionate and gifted local wedding vendors, came together to compose the harmonious melody of their wedding day.

In the embrace of family and friends, the couple radiated an otherworldly glow throughout their special day. The love they shared painted the sky with hues of joy. Though their floral emporium had closed its doors due to the wildfire’s shadow, an ingenious solution blossomed. Guided by the bride’s own prowess as a talented florist, the bridal party artfully crafted their own bouquets!

They celebrated their love for the natural world with a leisurely stroll through Gellatly Nut Farm. Amidst local fauna and the whispers of history, they immortalized fleeting moments. The silvery allure of the Okanagan scenery created an ethereal backdrop, weaving a spell of enchantment around the resilient bride.

The reception was a fairy tale unfurled! Florals adorned a dreamy glass box, eucalyptus cascaded over the sweetheart table, and bohemian accents adorning the décor. The couple’s circle of friends and family brought forth an effervescent positivity, infusing the celebration with boundless energy.

To the gentle souls who welcomed us into their extraordinary day, we offer our heartfelt gratitude. It was an honor to weave your tale through the lens of our cameras, a journey of discovery and connection. Here’s to the melodies of love, laughter, and the promise of ‘happily ever after’!

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