Romantic La Casa and Fintry Estate Spring Family WeddingKelowna and Okanagan Wedding Photographer Memorable and Vibrant Okanagan Photography

Romantic La Casa and Fintry Estate Spring Family Wedding

This environmentally friendly, romantic La Casa and Fintry Estate Spring family wedding was a pleasure to capture. The family travelled from Alberta to bond their nuptials together in British Columbia. This beautiful bride is the owner of J’ard Merchantile in Luduc, Alberta where she curates low waste, eco-friendly products. She contributed to decor from her own collection and the personal touch was classy and personalized to her taste. Officiant Marjolein Llyod brought this family together with a poetic ceremony punctuated with tradition. The ceremony was carried out at Fintry Manor House, followed by a reception at La Casa Cottages in Kelowna.

The thoughtful details made this wedding a dream to capture. Each wedding we capture at Memorable and Virbrant Photography is unique, and we love getting to know you.